Imagine if Deadpool was PG-13. Odds are it would not have been anywhere near as good as the final movie was. Hell, it probably would have sucked.

Hugh Jackman wants his last hurrah as Wolverine to be a memorable one. Going for a R-rating got my attention. Getting movie execs onboard for R-rated blockbusters isn’t easy, though. They aren’t too keen on slapping a rating that instantly removes large chunks of moviegoers. When movie execs do give the greenlight it’s often with a slim budget.

A slim budget and a big-ticket star like Hugh Jackman don’t usually gel. Either the movie’s budget suffers, or the star takes a pay cut. Lucky for us, Jackman was more than willing to get less money if it meant a better movie.

Plus, you know Fox is much more receptive to R-rated comic book movies after the incredible box-office run Deadpool made. Of the top grossing movies rated R domestically, Deadpool sits at #2 just behind The Passion of the Christ and ahead of American Sniper.

R-rated movie gross

Will Logan do Deadpool numbers? Fox is hoping so. Early previews of a chunk of the film have been positive. One thing is for certain. Logan sits near the top of 2017’s exciting movie lineup. Here’s hoping Logan makes Fox go 2-for-2 with their R-rated superhero movies, and paves the way for more. Not everything needs to be R-rated of course, but it’s a nice change of pace from the usual superhero fare.

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