As expected, the Atlantic Ocean is seeing a flurry of tropical activity. We’re pretty much sitting in the peak of Hurricane season, so storms are expected. But things are a bit busier than usual. You don’t often see three hurricanes churning in the Atlantic at the same time. 2018 marks the 11th time on record it has happened.

And all eyes are on Hurricane Florence. Give the National Hurricane Center a follow on Twitter to keep up with all the latest (and accurate) info on Florence as it keeps heading towards the Carolina coast. Here’s the latest forecast as of 11 am EDT.

While Hurricane Florence is a serious situation, the storm looks stunning from space. Astronaut Ricky Arnold looked out the window of the International Space Station this morning to an incredible sight.

hurricane florence from iss astronaut

Credit: Ricky Arnold

250+ miles below, Hurricane Florence is churning the waters of the Atlantic.

hurricane florence from iss

Credit: Ricky Arnold

And with a blistering speed of 17,150 miles per hour, it only took moments for another hurricane to come into view. Here’s Isaac.

hurricane isaac

Credit: Ricky Arnold

NOAA’s GOES16 satellite is also giving us mesmerizing views of Florence. Check out this close up.

Here’s another one.

Folks living anywhere from Georgia to Virginia need to keep a close eye on Florence. Models suggest the storm could slow down right as it makes landfall as steering currents collapse. It’s not just the wind and storm surge people need to worry about. A major hurricane stalling just after landfall will produce monumental rainfall inland. Follow your local NWS accounts. Here’s a few in the areas expected to see the biggest impacts.

NWS Wilmington, NC
NWS Charleston, SC
National Hurricane Center

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