I Don’t Want Unity’s Adam Demo to End

Unity Adam demo

Unity is the engine of choice for many indie titles. Games like Superhot, Firewatch and even Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak are built on it. But Unity isn’t known for being a graphical powerhouse creation engine. That perception is changing with the Adam demo.

More than two dozen people helped create Adam, a short film designed to showcase the capabilities of Unity in 2016. It was built with the beta version of Unity 5.4 and the upcoming cinematic sequencer tool. Adam looks stunning as it runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX 980.

While Adam does a damn good job showing us what Unity can do, it’s the short-film itself that impressed me the most. We meet Adam Thomas, a robotic inmate inside an installation.

He wakes up in a panic. Was he human before? We don’t know for sure, but we can assume from his reaction. As he tears at his robotic face he slams it into the floor. Then, the cell door slides open. He’s not the alone. Identical robots stumble outside. Adam’s damaged face stands out from the group and it’s a smart way for us to easily follow him.

Unity adam demo robot inmates

Regular people are overseeing them as they walk away from the installation. Two mysterious figures approach and the guards retreat inside. One of these mysterious figures slams his staff into the ground. We then see a device activate disabling the computers on the robotic inmates.

The short-film ends with the dozens of inmates following the two figures away from the installation. Were the inmates human before turning into robots? Who are the two mysterious figures? Without any dialogue, Adam creates a world I want to see more of. A lot more.

Will we? Probably not. But it’s a fantastic introduction into what’s possible with Unity’s upcoming cinematic sequencer tool.

Unity says they plan to make a playable version available soon so Unity users can tinker with it.

It’s great to see the progress Unity makes from year-to-year. Check out last year’s The Blacksmith tech demo to see how far they’ve come.

Ok, I’ll take movies on both.

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