I Miss the Old PUBG Event Modes

Another weekend is upon us, and that usually means another Event Mode for PUBG. I hope you enjoy War Mode because it’s another take on it this weekend. Players will pile out of the airplane armed with just a shotgun and pistol. To shake things up over the 10-15 minute matches, care packages will drop every 110 seconds with DMRs, SRs, and other powerful goodies stuffed inside.

Ten 5-man squads will fight on a small circle of Sanhok starting now through July 8 (7 pm PDT).

War Mode is a fun distraction, but I miss the Event Modes that embraced PUBG’s Battle Royale. Eight-man squads ramped up the already intense firefights to a whole new level. But the mode I miss is Flare Gun.

Bluehole first introduced the mode back in late March. A limited number of Flare Guns were littered across small single-story houses on the Miramar map. Instead of tracking the airplane across the sky to see where a care package would eventually drop, you could bring it right to you. Plus, it helped bring teams together. Hearing that flare gun pop and streak towards the sky meant a fight was coming.

Because each package was guaranteed to have two strong weapons, teams weren’t often left alone to loot. Plus, the extra care package weapons would often lead to a final circle with multiple teams armed to the teeth. High-powered sniper rifles, machine guns, and decked out assault rifles led to some thrilling finishes.

How PUBG should change up Event Mode

Two ways. First, make War Mode a permanent addition to the game. Rotate new rulesets every week, but leave the mode up all the time. That way folks who want to drop and get into the action instantly can have their fix. Or, get a couple of warm-up games in before dropping into the regular Battle Royale mode.

Second, make special Event Modes for the traditional Battle Royale mode only. Give us the Flare Mode sometimes, or armored cars. Hell, throw in the faster blue circle mechanics from Sanhok into Miramar and Erangel and see how it plays. Change up how the old maps play and shake things up a bit. Toss in the entire loot table on Erangel. Have fun with it.

War Mode doesn’t have that ‘special event’ vibe to it like the Flare Mode did for me. PUBG could even throw in a competitive mode like Fortnite did with ‘Solo Showdown.’ Let folks see how they stack up against the best PUBG players over a weekend. Maybe even make it elimination style, where winners get matched up together after the first match until only one team is left standing.

There are tons of cool ways to change up the usual Battle Royale format without restricting the playzone to a small space and essentially playing team deathmatch. Hopefully, the devs start looking at fresh ways to shake up PUBG’s event mode in the future.

What do you think? Are you a huge fan of War Mode, or would you like to see modes like Flare Gun return?