Want to jump onboard the fresh ingredient train? IKEA is aiming to make hydroponics more accessible next month with the launch of the KRYDDA/VÄXER series of indoor gardens.

Outfit your home with furniture and add a herb garden. No one is saying what kind of herbs…

If only lettuce grew that fast…

Even people that manage to kill the fake plants in their house can handle this. All that’s required is watching the water level.


Pricing hasn’t been released, but it’s IKEA. Not exactly breaking the bank when you stroll in a store. As for the type of foods you can grow? The standard herb selection will be available along with lettuces and various leafy vegetables.

IKEA Hydroponics

IKEA is using hydroponics to bring the garden indoors. The basic primer is it allows you to grow plants in water without soil. Using added nutrients and the right light, you can enjoy your basil all year. Not bad.

Each unit is turnkey. Seeds, starter plugs, starter containers and platform(light) is included. To start, you need to start the germination process with the starter plugs. Place the seeds in the plugs and into the container. From there, cover it with a plastic lid (included) and place it in a spot with direct sunlight.

Once germinated you can transfer the plugs to the larger baskets and grow them under the light included in the kit.

Can you get bigger systems? Absolutely. Hydroponics is a huge industry, and there are sites devoted to the technique. Go with Aquaponics and enjoy fish with a salad.

IKEA is acting as a bridge to pull people into the farm-to-table movement. You’re not going to be hitting the Farmer’s Market with leftovers, but the KRYDDA/VÄXER series exposes consumers who wouldn’t have a garden in the first place to the niche.

Difficult to argue that point. And who couldn’t use more lettuce in their diet?

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