We all have Powerball dreams. At the top of everyone’s list is a home theater that makes your current flat-screen shrink back in horror. Welcome to the IMAX Private Theatre. A bank account busting venture to enjoy Band of Brothers for the 20th time. Don’t judge. It’s that good.

Pricing for an IMAX Private Theatre isn’t listed, but I doubt you’ll see it on sale at Costco anytime soon. The company is offering two configurations. A 20-40 seat Platinum or a more intimate Palais setup. You better really like your friends or family if you plan on installing a 40-seat personal IMAX in your home.

IMAX Private Theatre Specs

Have the cash? Then be prepared for the ultimate home entertainment. Dual 4K projectors are standard with 2D/3D capability. Screen size? Bigger is better, and IMAX will tailor it as a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen. Lacking in the noise complaint department? The quality sound you get from public IMAX screens earns a spot in your house.

Palais IMAX design

Theo Kalomirakis handles each custom theater design, so feel free to go nuts. It wouldn’t be 2016 without touchscreens. Every personal IMAX comes complete with a touch control pad. Imagine programming that beast.

Here’s how IMAX describes the experience:

IMAX Private Theatre is the world’s first turn-key home entertainment system from a holistic source, offering a complete audio-visual package with a user-friendly control system, optimal performance ensured by 24/7 system monitoring, and dedicated services and support.

It for the first time offers the immersive IMAX entertainment experience to its customers in the comfort of their home and supports multimedia functions including Blu-ray, high-definition TV, games and Karaoke. IMAX Private Theatre delivers a simply awe-inspiring IMAX grade entertainment experience to the visionaries of our time.

Experiencing IMAX

For me, it’s binge watching the best of Netflix. Alex? Gaming wouldn’t look the same. Our parents? Dragging our dad away from the screen would be impossible. He would find the most obscure movie and settle in. Mom? If you have a custom IMAX in the house, would she need HGTV on the DVR still?

How would you enjoy a personal IMAX screen in your home?

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