The Flappy Bird revolution continues with a report out that a flappy bird clone hits the Apple App store every 24 minutes. I will have to say, if the Floppy Lebron does see the light of day, consider it downloaded. I’m a Heat fan, but that’s hilarious.

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed that Apple wasn’t going to let developers take advantage of the cult like atmosphere surrounding ‘Flappy Bird’ and was rejecting apps that were trying to ride the coattails to success. Somewhere along the line, an Apple executive went back and read the articles again about Flappy Bird making upwards of $50,000 per day off ad revenue, and realized they received a share of that too.

Money trumps all, and let the floodgates open. Everything from an app that fully recreates the Flappy Bird experience, to Flying Cyrus. Yeah, you can flap, or twerk, Miley Cyrus around on your phone. We as a society are officially bored. HBO, we depend on you to rush out another season of True Detective ASAP.

The rush of clones was brought about due to Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, pulling the massively popular game from the store. He didn’t like the addictive nature the game had taken on, nor the spotlight it had created for him. In the end, the scarcity of him pulling the app has now created an abundance of supply.

Just look at the top charts of the free gaming apps on the iOS store. It is dominated by the clones spawned by the Flappy Bird phenomenon.


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