Ever wondered what pouring water on a grease fire looks like in 2500fps? Me too. We all know tossing water on an oil fire is a recipe for needing a kitchen remodel.

The YouTube channel, Slow Mo Guys, decided to show us the effects in slow motion. It’s cool looking and scary as hell. It should remind you not to flip out and grab a giant glass of water to toss on the flames.

When you toss water onto the flames, the water vaporizes, causing the oil to splatter everywhere. It going everywhere equals bigger flames and one hell of a bad day for you.

Know Your Grease

Seeing as most of us are just trying to fry chicken or french fries, we really don’t consider the smoking point of the oils we use. Most vegetable oils have a smoking point of 450 degrees. Past that, the fire risk jumps.

Animal fats like lard will start smoking at 375 degrees.

If you see your pot start smoking, turn down the heat immediately. If you are the gadget type, you can use a heavy pot with a clip-on thermometer.

Putting Out a Grease Fire

In case the video didn’t reinforce it, don’t throw water on it.

grease fire slow motion

If the fire just started, turn off the heat. Leave the pot where it’s at as moving it can cause injury and spread the fire. Cover the pot with a metal lid. Fires need oxygen. Using a lid effectively cuts the fire’s oxygen supply.

In most cases, you’re freaking out about the fire and searching anything to toss on it. Baking soda. Be prepared to use a lot, but it will knock out small grease fires.

All kitchens should have one, but a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher will put out the flames. If you can put the fire out with the above steps, do that first. The chemicals will contaminate your kitchen.

You walked out of the room and came back to a kitchen on fire? Screw all the steps above and get the hell out of the house. Call 911 and let the professionals handle it. Your small box of baking soda won’t do anything at that point.

It’s a cool video to share with friends, and it educates.


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