Halo Infinite Infection concept art

With Halo Infinite’s Season 3 winding down, the folks at 343 Industries are talking about what’s coming next. Another classic Halo multiplayer mode, Infection, is coming when Season 4 starts on June 20. The devs describe it as “Halo Infinite’s take on the fan-favorite mode.” 

For those who haven’t played Infeciton before, two teams are pitted against each other. ‘Zombies’ use melee weapons to try and infect the team of ‘Survivors,’ who usually get short to medium-range weapons.

The artwork above is concept art for the new Infection mode. Hopefully, that helmet effect for the Infected players carries over to the gameplay.

343 didn’t have any details on what kind of tweaks we might see in Halo Infinite’s version yet, but the devs did promise a “full deep dive later.”

The devs also touched on a handful more features coming to Season 4. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • All new premium coatings (those earned in the Premium Battle Pass and purchased via the Shop) will come with versions compatible will all armor cores.
  • Career Rank is coming with the launch of Season 4. This is a new progression system with military-style ranks. It should be similar to how career rank worked in the past like Halo: MCC.
  • Halo 5’s Plaza map is getting an official Forge remake and will come shortly after Season 4’s launch. 343’s official word on it is “targeted to be released early in Season 4.”

New Seasons also mean new maps. If it’s like Season 3, we should get two smaller maps and one BTB (Big Team Battle) map. We also saw a new weapon in Season 3, but we haven’t heard anything for Season 4 so far.

We can expect an extensive blog post covering all things Season 4 sometime in the next few weeks. June 11’s Xbox Games Showcase would be a good spot to drop a quick trailer for new stuff coming in Season 4. 

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