A new Insomniac game announcement is usually enough to garner attention. But, it’s who is publishing the new game that is surprising many of us today. First, let’s talk about the game announcement.

It’s called Song of the Deep and is described as a “Metroidvania-style underwater adventure. You play as Merryn, a young girl on a quest to find her father. Merryn builds a submarine to try and find her father beneath the ocean waves. A wide, mysterious world full of sunken cities and puzzles awaits, according to Insomniac.

Here’s the trailer.

I don’t know if it’s YouTube’s compression rearing its ugly head, or my Alabama internet acting up – but the official screenshots look much better.

song of the deep

Song of the Deep 2

Song of the Deep is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer and will retail for $14.99.

GameStop is publishing Song of the Deep

Yeah, I did a double-take too. GameStop is best known for getting you to pre-order every damn thing inside the store. Now, they are going to try their hand at publishing.

Don’t worry PC fans, you can still get your hands on Song of the Deep via Steam. Xbox One and PS4 owners can also buy it digitally from Xbox Live and PSN.

Is this the beginning of a broader push by GameStop into game publishing? Not exactly. Here’s what GameStop’s senior VP of marketing and sales told GameIndustry.biz, “I think this (publishing) is a first opportunity to do this and right now we’re fully focused on Song of the Deep and looking at how this works and what the results are and then we’ll sit back and see what we did right and did wrong and look at potential future opportunities.”

GameStop isn’t trying to become the next megaton game publisher. Not yet, at least.

The push towards buying digital has impacted GameStop. That’s why you see the company trying new things like publishing. I’m interested in seeing how well GameStop can push people to buy an indie game at retail. I just don’t see it. Maybe some console owners, but why would a PC owner go to the store to buy it versus Steam?

Kudos to GameStop for helping Insomniac make this game and giving them creative control. But, I just don’t see this becoming part of a larger trend.

Check out the rest of the GameIndustry.biz article for more on creative control and what happens if Song of the Deep becomes a success. What are your thoughts about GameStop publishing? And what do you think of Song of the Deep so far?

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