You’ve had that moment. Sitting at a restaurant trying to pick the best filter to showcase a now lukewarm dinner. Damn, can’t let the dinner go to waste and who wants to be ‘that person’ snapping away.

Instagram feels your pain and is testing a ‘save draft’ option for those Instagrammers who take editing well past slapping a sepia filter on a Starbucks run.

It’s still in testing mode with an undetermined number of users but expect the feature in a future update. Save draft is solid UX for the photo sharing app. Before the test, if you backed out of the sharing process, Instagram would prompt users backing out would cause the loss of their edits.

Can’t have that. In the test, a similar dialog box appears offering the user to discard the image or save it as a draft. When you return to the app later, hit the camera icon to bring up your library and at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the saved drafts.

Instagram save draft

It does lose a bit in the UX department by adding an unnecessary step. Continuing the editing process involves selecting the draft and hitting next. The edit icon appears on the share screen under the post thumbnail. It’s not a stretch to see that unnecessary tap removed if the feature goes live.

The official word out of Instagram is “we’re always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience.” We should have prop bets if there’s an email template with that exact phrase and the spokesperson just dumps the right company name in.

Instagram’s test is for business and Instagrammers that take their posts seriously. If you’re just annoying your circle of friends with incessant food pictures, you probably don’t care. The photographer promoting a business will love the feature. Maybe the photo needs a bit more contrast to pop.

While it’s not official, it’s a feature that only improves the UX. It’s hard to see it not making the cut.

Now, if we could get a feature from every social media company to open a dialog box asking ‘are you sure?’ Looking at you Facebook and Twitter. Or at least a reminder from Facebook that when you post something on the internet, it’s public. A PSA to serve the greater good and it might clean up comments and social media posts.

Yeah, that’s naive…

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