Talk about a rough week. First, the Instagram famous Dan Bilzerian was kicked out of a Miami nightclub for allegedly assaulting a woman. How to one-up that behavior? Well, according to TMZ, getting arrested at LAX on explosive charges.

The warrant was issued last month, but kept under seal as cops investigated the matter further. The exact crime in Clark County, Nevada is possession of an explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture.

If you follow his Instagram, you know Dan Bilzerian is a fan of three things – weapons, money and bikini models. Pretty sure that’s the correct order, but it can be interchanged. Basically, imagine what a teenage boy daydreams about in school. He essentially lives out said fantasy.

According to the statue, if Dan is convicted of the crime, he faces up to six years in jail. No word if there’s an Instagram for inmates. Settle down Silicon Valley, it’s a joke.

Using explosives isn’t Bilzerian’s only problem. He was kicked out and banned from Miami’s LIV nightclub for kicking a woman in the face. It also parallels closely to an incident where he broke an 18-year old woman’s foot by throwing her naked, off a roof and into a pool.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Dan Bilzerian has shot to Internet fame over the past couple years thanks to his wild postings on Instagram. Everything from stacks of cash, to private jets and insane night life. In case you’re wondering where he gets the money, he inherited his fortune, and is a self-proclaimed venture capitalist and poker player.


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