You hear that? That was the sound of millions of voices suddenly crying out. Yeah, I know that’s Star Wars, but the news today from Marvel is just as big. Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man will be featured heavily in Captain America 3.

Last week we had Downey mess with the press about the possibility of an Iron Man 4. That’s still up in the air, but it didn’t stop the announcement of him appearing in Captain America 3. If you’re keeping score, this has him extending his contract past the two remaining movies – both of which were to be Avengers sequels.

So, we have the new. Now comes the storyline. Marvel has already announced the return of the Marvel Civil War story via comics in 2015. This is possibly designed to get fans geared up to the introduction of Civil War inside the movie universe starting with Captain America 3. This will start Phase 3 of the Marvel cinematic universe.

As a primer, the Civil War breaks out over disagreements with the Superhero Registration Act. Tony Stark is in favor of it, while Captain Rogers is against it. Now you have the passing fans interested. Captain American against Iron Man? Where do we all sign up?

The move to cast Iron Man as a sort of villain could then transition into Avengers 4. This could be the last time they are writing massive checks to Robert Downey to continue his role in the Marvel Universe. He is said to be getting $40 million for Captain America 3, plus a piece of the backend. He keeps this up, and he will fulfill his Iron Man fantasy of being a billionaire.

In the directing chairs for the third film will be the Russo brothers. They helmed Winter Soldier, and blew expectations out of the water. The film screamed past the First Avenger in ticket sales, and guaranteed the Russo brothers top billing for the director’s seat for other Marvel movies.

Marvel, a Disney-owned studio, has 11 releases between next summer and 2019. While Robert Downey’s Iron Man kicked off the universe, it has shown that it can stand up franchises with ease. Guardians of the Galaxy was the biggest hit of the 2014 summer, and is expected to play a role when the third Avengers rolls around.

While it seemed like Robert Downey Jr. was ready to hang up his suit, it looks like he is happy to jump into other films. As for Chris Evans? Marvel better back up the Brinks truck to keep him involved. He has shown he can carry a franchise on par with Iron Man.

In all, get your popcorn ready. Disney shareholders? You can probably pick out that yacht you’ve been looking for. The studio will be printing money for a long time.


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