What started out as joke about making potato salad has quickly morphed into something else once the collective internet got a hold of it. So far, the potato salad Kickstarter has raised nearly $60,000 with more than 4,800 backers.

How? Because the internet loves a good laugh. Plus, Zack Brown’s Kickstarter is just silly enough to whip up the various internet communities into a crowd-raising frenzy.

What’s the unlikely Kickstarter success turned into for Zack? Appearances on Good Morning America, Fox Business with Gerri Willis and the Today show.

As the potato salad campaign began to gain steam, Zack started offering additional pledge levels and stretch goals. Pledge levels include bites of the potato salad, shirts and hats.

“I honestly don’t know what is realistic anymore,” says Brown as the Kickstarter now has a life of its own.

This isn’t the first time a silly premise sees a bunch backers. A similar campaign asking for $8 to explain the “deliciousness of a chicken burrito from Chipotle” also saw an absurd amount of backers. That campaign ended with just $1,000. There’s no telling how much the potato salad kickstarter will generate.

The potato salad Kickstarter still has 23 days to go. Media coverage is just now peaking, so I wouldn’t be surprised to the internet try to push it towards $100,000.

Ah, the joys of the internet. Everyone is sitting around watching in awe as the potato salad kickstarter continues to grow. And we all ask ourselves, why didn’t we think of that?


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