Bigger is better. So is gold, too. At least that’s the bet as Apple is set to introduce a new range of iPads. With the iPhone 6 Plus essentially cannibalizing the iPad Mini, the new look iPads are said to be going with a 12.9 inch screen. Surface, meet your killer. Also, that’s not going to be friendly to Macbook Air sales.

The 9.7 inch iPad is said to sport the new gold option. When gold was first floated as a color, it was met with derision. After the sales spiked with the iPhone in gold, Apple is breaking out the gold paint swatch for damn near every product.

iPad sales have been a thorn in Apple’s side. The upgrade cycle is longer than that of a phone, and sales of the device accounted for just 19 percent of Apple’s revenue in fiscal year 2013. That’s not the cash cow Wall Street is looking for.

The rumored iPad (Plus?) is said to focus on enterprise customers through a deal with IBM. If it comes with a physical keyboard, expect people to start ditching laptops in favor of the device. If you’re not a power user, something with this screen size would get you through school and most work activities. And, it would be even more portable.

Apple is expected to launch it’s new round of iPads at an event this month. Pricing will be watched by investors, who are looking for Apple to turn around its stagnant tablet sales.

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