Who cares about battery life or the megapixels in the camera. Nope. What we all want to know is, will it blend? ‘Will it bend?’ is another question people have been asking following reports of the phone bending.

Blendtec is back with another ‘Will it Blend?’ This time, Tom Dickson oversees a battle of the phablets. The iPhone 6 Plus faces off with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Who needs fancy spec sheets when a blender can decide the winner. Who wins? Watch the video below to find out.

Another video making the rounds comes from Unbox Therapy. Reports have surfaced following the release of the iPhone 6 Plus of it bending after being in a person’s pocket for too long. The bending iPhone 6 Plus even has its own hashtag, #BendGate. Companies are getting in on the fun, also. Check out this tweet from KitKat.

Check out the video below to see the iPhone 6 Plus bend. As with the pictures circulating the internet, the 6 Plus bends backwards just beneath the volume buttons.

With #BendGate gaining traction, some users have created mock ads poking fun at the iPhone 6 Plus and its ‘bendable’ display.

iPhone 6 Plus bend ad

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple responds to the bending claims. For now, you may want to be careful putting your iPhone 6 Plus in tight pockets.


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