Nicely played Apple. New launch and everyone talking dongles. How to change the conversation? Put the iPhone 7 Plus in the hands of Sports Illustrated photographer David Klutho.

In the end, smartphones are going to be judged by their cameras. Only so much you can do on the design and screen before the chief marketing component becomes the camera. Apple knows this with its incessant ad blitzes.

And now we get the first look of images shot on an iPhone 7 Plus from the Vikings-Titans game on Sunday. Can we all agree sports photographers live the dream? Not only do you get to do what you love, but instead of the rest of us rewinding the catch and watching replays, David captures it on a smartphone no one else has yet.

Head over to Sports Illustrated for an entire gallery of iPhone 7 Plus photos taken at the game. You get a solid selection of how well the zoom performs in real life and the general picture quality.

Yes, the contrast is dark, but it is still a phone. No matter what ports Apple removes, the camera sensors are roughly the size of your pinky nail. It’s hard to expect wide dynamic range, but leave Jony Ive in a room for a year or two. He will dip that sucker in another milk bath and sand it down to perfection.

My take from Apple is they aren’t trying to compete with pro-level DSLRs. It’s an impossible ask of a smartphone that is ditching the audio jack because of ‘courage’ or because they bought Beats and figure it’s time to cash in.

No the never ending iPhone photography push is to convince people to keep upgrading. And, on the whole, for something you’re carrying anyways, these are damn nice shots. Even photographers are admitting that they don’t want to haul gear every waking moment. It’s nice to have a solid camera in your pocket that can capture the quality above.

And you can still ignore phone calls on. Apple will never make the DSLR obsolete. Even if they made a standalone camera. Now that would drive Wall Street absolutely bonkers. The iCamera. Tim Cook should troll for the hell of it.

Be sure to check out the full gallery over at Sports Illustrated. And that catch…

Damn, it’s good to have football back.

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