Don’t worry, no blue or red pills needed. Morpheus isn’t waxing on about something you don’t give a damn about. Move over drones and GoPros, there’s a new player in the world of action sports filming

An iPhone on a rope. I hope that’s not a new product line, but this is badass.

Nicolas Vuignier has been working on the technique for two years to achieve the desired results. Obviously, the man has some skill in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Serious editing chops make it into the final video.

Before the Centriphone experiment has you shopping at Lowes for rope, slow down a bit. There are some tricks to getting the camera to face you while spinning. You can’t just tie a string around your iPhone and expect it to end well.

iphone and nicolas vuignier

Unless you have Applecare+. Drops are covered, no reason to think you turning your iPhone into a sling wouldn’t also be covered. I’d err on the side of not telling the folks at the genius bar how the damage occurred.

How does Nicolas pull this off? Balanced weights. Depending on the orientation you want, two wires attached to the weight create the tension on the front face of the phone, keeping Nicolas in the frame.

He promises a how-to video in the future for those interested in turning their phone into an action sports cam. Perfect for those days when the GoPro just isn’t enough, and no one is around to fly your Phantom while you pull off your next viral creation.

Or smash your iPhone. Fun times either way because Apple now accepts cracked phones as trade-ins. Win-win folks.

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