DJI DL 75mm f/1.8 lens

Is DJI Prepping a New DL 75mm f/1.8 Lens?

Ready your bank accounts. If the latest leak from OsitaLV is to be believed, DJI is preparing to unleash a new prime lens for its DL mount. Say hello to the DL 75m f/1.8.

DJI DL 75mm f/1.8 lens

Before the amateurs get excited, this won’t be slapping on a Mavic anytime soon. Think Inspire 3 or maybe a potential dual launch alongside an Inspire 4. The current focal length leader on the DL line is a 50mm f/2.8, so the 75mm is definitely an upgrade.  

The f/1.8 will allow for better low-light capability for both aerial photographers and videographers. It will also be the first true telephoto lens for the line, which will hopefully see further increases as the year progresses.

Compatibility is limited to DJI products with the Ronin 4D cinema camera along with the DJI Inspire. While we have a leaked screenshot, no word on the specs including weight, which will be especially important for the DJI Inspire 3. The longer focal length and wider aperture feel like a signal for the lens to tip the scales past the average DL lineup of .40 pounds.

Look for more leaks as we head into the summer. After the Avata 2 launch, all eyes will start to turn to DJI’s more traditional camera drone platforms for refreshes. 

IMG: OsitaLV