DJI Phantom 4 Firmware and Phantom 5

Is the DJI Phantom 5 Release Date Further Off Than We Think?

Good news for Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ V2.0 owners and potentially bad news for those waiting to see the DJI Phantom 5. DJI released new firmware, bumping the current version to The marquee addition is the upgrade to OcuSync 2.0. Mavic 2 owners are already enjoying the latest version of OcuSync. After an update, owners will enjoy strong video transmission connections in a variety of conditions. Urban environments will see the most significant improvement, but after comparing the Mavic 2 Pro and the P4P, OcuSync 2.0 is a must-have feature.

The full patch notes are below:

Added support for Ground Station Pro (GS Pro).
Updated the video transmission system to OcuSync 2.0.
Added support to connect two DJI Goggles through Multiuser Mode (Currently only available on iOS and requires DJI GO 4 v4.3.2 or above).
Fixed an issue when moving the remote controller control sticks in Gain & Expo Tuning where the EXP value moved erratically.
Date: 2018.10.08
Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.20.00
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Remote Controller Firmware: v01.00.20.00
Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 Remote Controller Firmware: v01.00.01.00
DJI GO 4 App iOS: v4.3.2
DJI GO 4 App Android: v4.3.0

How to Upgrade Phantom 4 Pro Firmware

One of the more common questions and DJI has since made a video describing the process:

What About the Phantom 5

The addition of OcuSync 2.0 to the P4P V2.0 screams DJI is comfortable heading into the holiday season with the current camera drone lineup. Hard to blame them when the company outright controls the market. It would mark a break from past release cycles which included the Mavic. When it was first launched, it was mere months later the Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 were announced.

With next to no leads on a release date, I’m inclined to circle the week after CES for the company’s next big announcement. Sure, I could be wrong, but the radio silence and the calendar is working against a 2018 announcement.

Phantom 5 Rumors

While DJI consistently calls images of an interchangeable lens Phantom a one-off enterprise product for a customer, that’s hard to believe because of the R&D cost. It’s not as simple as putting new lenses on a Phantom 4 Pro. It would involve a ton of gimbal work to keep the drone balanced. Upgraded motors and batteries would be a must.

And besides, this looks badass and would give the Phantom line the difference it needs to segment away from the Mavic 2 Pro.

Let’s take DJI’s official word at face value it’s not the Phantom 5. The company is enjoying one hell of a focus group on what Phantom owners want in the next camera drone. Interchangeable lenses which don’t break the bank like the Inspire 2.

Sound off in the comments. What’s your prediction on the Phantom 5 release date? Features?

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