Surprise anyone that Mickey Drexler’s Tribeca loft defines style? He’s the CEO of J Crew. If your sweater game isn’t on point, the man fixes it. Now, he’s looking to offload his loft for $25 million.

I don’t suppose if I sign up for J Crew’s email newsletter; I get 25% off? No? Worth a shot.

What does $25 million get you in Tribeca besides some hellacious property taxes? 6,226-square-feet of a Pinterest board come to life. For those into dreaming about hitting the Powerball and buying a loft, 140 Franklin Street in New York is known as one of the finest buildings in Manhattan for lofts.

Franklin building with J Crew CEO's loft

J Crew Loft

Getting the basics out of the way, the loft features five bedrooms and seven baths. Wood floors? Oh yeah, but not the wood flooring you get from Home Depot. No, wide plank Brazilian floors throughout the apartment.

Love playing pool? Wait, billiards. I forgot. Once you drop $25 million on an apartment, it becomes billiards. It is located in the 82-foot wide living room. Prop bets on how many Roombas it takes to tackle the floors in the house?

Living room of J crew ceo's tribeca loft apartment

The custom Varenna kitchen frames the dining area and makes you look at your microwave in disgust.

After you take your segway from the dining room and head for bed, the future owner should rest easy knowing they are away from the guests. The floor plan was specifically designed for separation of the four guest rooms from the master suite.

master bedroom in mickey drexler's loft

Work from home? The office off the master bedroom is bigger than the actual bedroom itself and is set in front of one of the many arched windows. Take in the views of Tribeca while you manage an empire.

It’s nice, no doubt. It almost tips the interior design bell curve, but Mickey Drexler kept it true to his Pinterest and Houzz boards.

$25 million? Well, I can dream from NE Alabama about living the life in Manhattan. Then again, well over a decade in rural Alabama to Manhattan? That’s a lot of anti-anxiety medication.

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