Timex for J.Crew won’t remind you to breathe, but it does keep the time and reminds us style doesn’t need an app. Or constant refreshes to product lines. No, simplicity is where the collaboration between the two companies shines.

The partnership has led to the latest watch in the collection inspired by the diver-style watch. No worries about going past a certain depth and the water resistance giving up. It handles up to 100 meters. Past that, it assumes you know what you’re doing.

j.crew timex watch

It won’t count your steps, but it has all the features you’d expect in a Timex watch:

  • Stainless steel watch case with black ionic plated finish.
  • Comes with a nylon strap.
  • Hands feature glow-in-the-dark luminescence.
  • Quartz analog movement with a functioning bezel.
  • Day and date display.
  • 100M water-resistant.

It’ll keep you on time without annoying the hell out of you with notifications. Trust me; they’ll call back. Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life. We are already glued to our smartphones. Give your wrist a break here and there and mix it up with the proven ‘dumb’ watch. You’ll get more compliments, and it doesn’t need a daily recharge. Win-win.

Timex for J.Crew is priced at $128.00. Goes without saying, it’s only available at J.Crew.

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