We all do it. Was that the eighth rep? No will notice if we pull the 5, 6 and 10 on the third set of burpees. Except your damn earphones from Jabra. Fitness junkies who have issues with basic counting are getting an assist in the third quarter with the latest versions of the Jabra Sport Pulse and Sport Coach wireless earphones.

The biggest addition to the feature set is with the Sport Pulse. The in-ear heart rate tracking is getting an upgrade to measure VO2 Max level. VO2 Max levels are a measure of aerobic fitness – basically, how well your body is using oxygen. Using an assist from the Jabra Sport Life app, the earphones will be able to track the levels automatically and continuously throughout your workout.

Jabra’s app then makes recommendations based on your overall fitness during your gym sessions.

Need accountability? The Sport Coach earphones push past the usual coaching in previous models. With the addition of the TrackFit motion sensor, it can track basic exercises like push-ups, lunges, and burpees. And count the reps for you. Damn fitness technology…

Jabra wireless sport earphones

Jabra is promising 10 basic exercises at launch with additional tracking coming in future firmware updates.

Battery life on each is set at five hours of continuous use and up to 10 days in standby mode. Both Special Editions are IP55-rated against dust and water resistance. Jabra is promising substantial improvements in sound and call quality. They are wireless fitness earphones. Check your audiophile expectations at the gym door.

Both Jabra Special Editions ship in the fall for $160 for the Sport Pulse, and $120 for the Sport Coach.

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