Jade Raymond’s journey in the video games industry began 20 years ago. Her next stop is probably her biggest. Raymond is joining EA to head up a new development studio called Motive. The new studio will call Montreal, Canada home.

There Motive “will work in close quarters with the BioWare team,” according to Raymond.

Raymond says Motive will turn into a “creative-driven team, incubating entirely new IPs and taking on some amazing projects.”

Motive’s first project? Assisting Visceral with its Star Wars adventure game. Damn, Motive is starting with a bang.

“In addition to building the new Motive Studio in Montreal, I will also oversee the Visceral studio in California,” Raymond writes in a blog post on EA.com.

Motive Studios EA

“I’m a huge fan of the games that have come out of Visceral and I feel honoured to be working with such a talented team led by studio GM Scott Probst. I’ve also known Amy for years and have admired her work on the Uncharted games! I’m thrilled that the first big project that we will work on in Montreal will have Amy as Creative Director. An opportunity to work with her and the Visceral team, and to play in the Star Wars universe, is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.”

Raymond heaped praise on the Frostbite engine and said she “can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what a new team can create.”

Amy Hennig welcomed Jade Raymond to EA. “I’ve known and admired Jade for many years – this will be our first opportunity to work together. Great things ahead!”

EA’s Peter Moore tweeted, “delighted to welcome Jade Raymond to the EA family.”

Jade Raymond’s history in the gaming industry

Jade Raymond trek through the gaming industry has taken her from a programmer on Sony games like Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit to a producer of the mega-hit franchise Assassin’s Creed.

It would be Assassin’s Creed that propelled Raymond into the spotlight. She was at the forefront of marketing for the title. When Assassin’s Creed released in 2007, it quickly became one of the best-selling titles on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It launched a franchise that has gone on to sell more than 73 million units.

Today, she starts her next endeavour in the gaming industry. And, it’s her biggest yet. Being a producer on Assassin’s Creed was huge. But, assisting with the development of a new Star Wars game? It doesn’t get any bigger.

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