We have all seen impression videos go viral. But, Jamie Costa takes it to another level with his tribute to the late Robin Williams. Not only does he have the voice and mannerisms, the resemblance between the late actor and Jamie is downright eerie.

Over the course of two minutes we are treated to 18 iconic roles from Robin Williams. Good Morning Vietnam to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Posted on Monday, the YouTube clip has garnered nearly 1.4 million views and over a thousand comments praising his video. You don’t have to scroll through the comments far to see the ‘you look just like him’ and ‘amazing impressions.’

Jamie Costa’s description of the video sums up his goal. ‘My tribute to the man whose spark ignited my passion. RIP Robin Williams.’

Uploading his first video just three weeks ago, he is already on the path for YouTube fame. Thank god it’s not another prank channel. Watching his Matthew McConaughey’s compilation is a riot.

Today, the South Carolina-based performer has 9,100 subscribers. Tomorrow? The man will be everywhere.

Robin Williams Final Film

robin williams impression

Fans of Robin Williams will get to hear him in Simon Pegg’s sci-fi comedy, Absolutely Anything, as a talking dog. It will land in theaters on August 14 in the UK. A United States release date has not been set.

One last movie to enjoy a generational comic. It’s hard to imagine someone coming along to replace the great Robin Williams. We can thank Cotsa for reminding us of the characters he brought to life.


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