Ok, technically part four, but Jason Bourne marks the fifth movie in the Bourne series. And with it, we get a character exclaiming some variation of ‘it’s Jason Bourne.’ Yep, Matt Damon is here to completely ruin your day.

And get his fake passports stamped. The trailer shows Jason Bourne is quite the jet setter.

Hitting theaters in July, the trailer is high on action but completely lacking in plot details. Someone in Hollywood finally unlocked that mystery. Theatrical trailers without showing us the movie. The only mystery is the same one we’ve been chronicling through the film series.

Who the hell is Jason Bourne? Well, we know he can kick anyone’s ass. Imagine a Bond movie that wasn’t pretentious. It’s a big ask, but that’s what we are getting in Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon in new Jason Bourne Trailer

We also see a returning face to the franchise. Julia Stiles is back as Nicky Parsons, the former CIA/Treadstone agent who helped Bourne unlock his memories. Judging by the trailer, it’s her hacking the CIA and becoming the next Snowden.

She also warns Bourne that “remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.” That’s where our old pal Tommy Lee Jones comes in. He’s clearly in charge of whatever Treadstone/Blackops program still exists.

Fresh off her Oscar win, Alicia Vikander is in the film as what appears to be a Bourne-esque agent. Could she be another one to turn? We will see. The entire trailer is pure popcorn. There are plenty of fights, chases, phone conversations and talks about memory.

I’m sold on the movie which opens nationwide on July 29.

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