Well, it was fun for an Internet minute. The ‘epic red carpet fall’ at the Met Gala was wrong on two counts. One, it wasn’t Jason Derulo. Two? The picture referenced is from Cannes in 2011.

So, how did it happen? Credit twitter user @dashausofjack with this gem:


Digging deeper, you’re wondering how a user with 315 followers manages to trend worldwide? Timing a hilarious picture with the hashtag #MetGala. It quickly earned over 10,000 retweets, and it was off to the races for social media.

jason derulo met gala

As for Jason Derulo? The singer wasn’t even in NYC, and is actually in Los Angeles rehearsing. Having fun with the situation, he posted a meme of himself on Instagram while denying he was there.

Sorry Twitter. You talked dirty to him, and he took his response to Instagram.


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