At this point, who has hasn’t made a joke about Aquaman. It’s almost too easy. Jason Momoa, DC’s answer to a live-action Aquaman, wants to change the perception of his character.

Sitting on the DC Fan Expo panel in Toronto, he promises fans no one will be making jokes after Batman v. Superman. Does that mean one of DC’s Justice League members will be in open combat with Superman or Batman? You didn’t think he was going to spoil the fun for us, did you?

“I can’t see me busting out a bunch of jokes. I mean, I don’t think it’ll be like that.”

Making light of his turn as Khal Drogo in the HBO hit, Game of Thrones, he told the audience some of what not to expect from Aquaman. “I don’t think Aquaman’s going to be raping and pillaging any villages.

Yeah, I don’t think that would play well in what should be a summer tentpole. That said, Momoa is laying the foundation of expectations.

“You know, it’s cute and funny, I mean people make fun of him and there’s a bunch of jokes about him,” he said, before adding (rather ominously), “But I’m like ‘Well… just wait. Let’s just wait a little bit. And then we can make jokes…'”

Here’s the full panel discussion from Day 3 of Fan Expo Canada 2015:

Further proof no one will be cracking jokes at Aquaman’s expense? Just rewatch Momoa’s Game of Thrones audition.

We got you, brother. No more jokes.

For fans itching to get a look at Aquaman and how DC begins to counter Marvel’s dominance, Batman v. Superman opens wide on March 25, 2016. Hey, just in time for me to come off my Star Wars hangover. Thanks, DC.


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