Have a Jawbone? There’s a firmware update just for you today. The company is pushing a mid-lifecycle update to the majority of Jawbone’s wrist-worn trackers. I can hear the Jawbone Up2 owners snapping up pitchforks. You get something too.

Let’s hit the update first. The Jawbone up3 launched with serious features, but an execution that was iffy at best. Thankfully the company has spent the past few months patching bugs that should please fans of the tracker.

Most fitness trackers offer sleep tracking automatically. The Jawbone lineup? You had to tap the band to get it into sleep tracking. Once you download the latest firmware, the Up2, Up3 and Up4 will all feature auto sleep tracking. Now you can definitively say you binge watching Netflix is the reason you have the sleep pattern of an over-the-road truck driver.

Passive heart rate tracking is also coming to the Up3 and Up4. What’s that mean? Before the update, the wearable checked your pulse when you first woke. The company bills it as a “unique insight into how daily influences and choices such as diet, caffeine, stressful meetings, and other stimuli can affect heart rate and overall heart health.”

It needs continuous tracking to be a true benefit to fitness enthusiasts, but at least its getting there. I guess Jawbone is taking the couch to 5K approach to true fitness tracking?

[divider]Jawbone Smart Coach[/divider]

By far the most interesting part of the update, the Jawbone Smart Coach provides feedback based on your daily activities or lack thereof. Here’s where the baseline heart measurements of the Up3 and Up4 will come into play.

jawbone smart coach

Stressful day? The passive heart measurement will recognize the change and recommend guided meditation. Keeping your workout schedule will also be baked into the app. Are you a Thursday gym nut? It’ll remind you.

Jawbone Up2 Clasp Replacement

Along with the app and firmware updates comes a redesigned Up2. The clasp that has lit up social media is gone in favor of two thin straps and what the company hopes is a more secure clasp. The company reports that testers liked the redesign as it was more fashion friendly and had the ability to wear it upside down for more inconspicuous tracking.

Users of the old Up2 are eligible for a free replacement if they have issues with the current clasp.

Jawbone Adds Colors

Need more color selection? Jawbone is adding six new colors for the redesigned Up2 and four for the Up3. The six for the Up2 include violet, turquoise, black, gray, white and pink. In an odd move, the company has opted to offer violet with the old design of the Up2.

The new design and colors are available now for $100.

Jawbone’s Up3 is adding red, navy blue, white and green to its palette. All four can be ordered today for $180.

Overall, the updates are solid, and the Up2 needed to be fixed. The lack of continuous heart rate tracking may turn enthusiasts off in favor of competitors like the Fitbit Charge HR. We will see if Jawbone moves to address the concerns in further updates to the Up3 and Up4


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