Jawbone UP4 Lets You Pay for Whole Foods After Your Workout
Jawbone UP4 payment

The Jawbone UP3 starts shipping on April 20th. But, that’s not the only Jawbone coming.

Meet the Jawbone UP4. Jawbone is joining forces with American Express. Just finished your workout and want to grab some fresh food? Hit up any store with American Express contactless payments and use your Jawbone UP4 as an American Express card.

“Go for a run and reward yourself with that vanilla latte on the way home, or quickly jump out of a cab and tap to pay,” reads the official page for the Up4.

How much does the Jawbone/American Express partnership cost? The UP4 will set you back $200 at launch. That’s about $20 more than the UP3.

Jawbone didn’t announce a specific launch date besides sometime this summer.

Jawbone UP3 features and specs

Besides the payment system, the UP3 and UP4 are identical.

Jawbone highlights five main features for the UP3.

Activity Tracking – This one is obvious. The UP3 keeps track of every step and calorie burned throughout the day.

Advanced Sleep – The UP3 monitors every stage of sleep. It will also give you suggestions to help improve your quality of sleep. Stop staring at your smartphone until midnight is a good first step.

Jawbone UP3 sleeping

Food Logging – Ah, every dieter’s favorite activity. Calorie counting. Where we all realize just how bad that Butterfinger is. Keep track of every meal and use the UP barcode scanner to figure out exactly what’s in the food as you shop.

Smart Coach – Who couldn’t use some extra motivation? That’s where Smart Coach comes in.

Heart Health – UP4 monitors your heart rate as you exercise and your resting heart rate. I would get some really good readings of my resting heart rate.

As for specs, the most important one is battery life. Jawbone says the UP3’s battery life lasts up to 7 days. Recharging it will take about an hour and a half.

The UP3 tracker is finally about to start shipping. If you use American Express and don’t mind paying a bit extra – the UP4 might be more up your alley.

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