Dunnn dunnn…. Who hasn’t done the Jaws theme? Jumping in the water and messing with another person involves a variation of the theme.

Good news Jaws fans. You get to feel old as hell on June 21 and 24.

It’s the 40th anniversary of the film, and Turner Classic Movies, Universal Pictures and Fathom Events are teaming up to bring it back to the big screen. 500 theaters across the country for two dates.

Damn, they might need a bigger boat…

It’s a great movie even today. You know you have a classic when it can stand up against the waves of CGI-filled, assault on your senses summer blockbusters. Granted, the sequels kind of sucked, but Jaws? Pure classic.

It’s cool we get to see it on something else other than basic cable. Jaws was the first event movie.

Depending on where you stand on Hollywood strategy, it paved the way for the summer blockbuster. It passing the $100 million mark in just 59 days helped convince studios to embrace the era of wide releases and big budgets.

jaws 40 year anniversary

It was directed by a then-unknown Steven Spielberg and smashed box office records. Two short years later we had the start of the Star Wars saga that solidified the new strategy of tentpole blockbusters.

Fathom Events know they have a winner on their hands in a statement released by VP of programming Kymberli Frueh-Owens:

“Movie buffs will love seeing their favorite killer shark larger than life on the big screen.”

An added bonus? It’s not Sharknado 3. Let’s be real. We watch the Syfy movie because of the absurdity. If you want to see groundbreaking filmmaking, Jaws is the only option.

Want to see the film? In Alabama, you can pick between Huntsville’s Hollywood 18 or Birmingham’s Trussville 16. Not exactly a ton of options for my state, but Atlanta has plenty of theaters showing the film on both dates.

It’s an event, so a bit of a drive won’t hurt. Check out Fathom Events for theater and ticket information.

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the theater…


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