Miss the old Jay Z? You know, the older albums we all loved. Well, in a way to keep Tidal in the news, Jay Z is putting on a special concert of tracks he hasn’t performed live in over a decade. Some tracks never made the final cut for a show.

It will all take place on May 13 in NYC at a still-to-be-announced venue. In a pure marketing ploy, the show is exclusive to Tidal. What? You thought he was going to let it die without a fight?

The announcement of Tidal was a train wreck, but the content being pushed is starting to make it compelling offering. Will it dethrone Spotify and the rest? That’s one hell of an uphill climb.

But, at least they are offering up live concerts.

Jay Z’s show is billed as TIDAL X: Jaÿ-Z B-Sides. See? You will like Tidal, damn it. The entire concert will stream live on Tidal, and fans can win tickets by making a playlist and sharing it on Twitter via the hashtag #TIDALXJAYZ.

Interested in winning two tickets? Here are the contest rules:

1. Log into Tidal (grab a free trial in you’re not a member)
2. Create your playlist and share on Twitter using the hashtag #TIDALXJAYZ.
3. Complete this submission form on Tidal.

Before you start building a Jay Z tribute playlist, stop. The playlist will be judged on the flow of the playlist, along with the diversity of genres and artists. I’m feeling a mashup of Jay Z with some One Direction and a track of Blake Shelton.

It’s a quick turnaround for the contest. You have until May 8 to submit your playlist.

Free Jay Z Show?

For those of you who enjoy lifehacking free trials, Tidal does offer the free 30-day trial. So, if you wanted to see Jay Z’s performance, you can cancel your subscription without any cost to you.

And, for the serious Jay Z fans? Notice anything about the announcement and the show’s name?

tidal jay z b sides concert

That’s right. The alternative spelling is being used.


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