Here’s your obvious product of the day. The Jean Hanger Kickstarter project from Steven Sal Debus. Think of your closet. The stacks of nicely folded jeans. Ready to wear at a moment’s notice.

Except, let’s be honest. That stack of perfectly folded jeans? It’s a precarious tower, ready to collapse. Steven Sal Debus, a product designer from Toronto, is out to fix that problem. His solution? The Jean Hanger. Say goodbye to folding, ironing, drying and storing your favorite pair of denim.

Made from a single piece of beech wood, you don’t have to worry about moving parts. The hook screws into the top and in the event it snaps – it’s not something to climb with – the hook can easily be replaced.

Beechwood in the blue jeans hanger project

Unlike the traditional clothes hanger, the jean hanger slides through the belt loops on your denim, avoiding the fold. That not only removes the chances of creases and wrinkles, but it also offers more storage space.

We all know what that means. More closet space means more shopping to fill it up.

Steven isn’t focusing solely on storage and never using an iron again. On the campaign page, he points out our clothes dryer is one of biggest energy users in our homes at around 4,000 watts per hour.

manufacturing the jean hanger

Not quite on the level of the air conditioner (15,000 watts), but the dryer also cuts the life expectancy of denim in half. Living in the south, I’m not about to give up the AC, but letting my jeans air dry? I can make that compromise.

The Jean Hanger Kickstarter

What it lacks in wow factor, the campaign makes up for in practicality. It’s well designed and fits in your current closet. The Jean Hanger’s campaign goal was set for just under $16,000. With 43 days remaining on the clock, Steven’s idea is sitting north of the goal ($16,200).

Pricing for each hanger is around $8 and $20 for a three-pack. Have a denim addiction? $68 will get you a dozen hangers. The emperor package of 48 hangers will set you back $260 of which there is already five backers.

And here I thought I had a clothes addiction. Head over to the campaign page to learn more about the manufacturing process and inspiration behind the jean hanger.

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