jeb bush and hillary clinton in twitter fight

Hang on… I think he’s coming around. Yep, we have a pulse.

If you watched last week’s GOP circus, I mean debate, you noticed Jeb Bush had a look of ‘do I have to?’ His awww shucks attitude doesn’t come across as well as his brother, George W Bush.

Love or despise W, at least he had personality.

Jeb? Watching paint dry is more entertaining than his canned answers. Until yesterday when his campaign engaged Hillary in a brief Twitter skirmish.

Hillary kicked it off with an innocuous tweet about her plan for college affordability:

Ok, normal policy tweet. But come on Jeb, you can’t take that lying down.

Hey, there’s life in the other dynastic candidate. Excellent repurpose of the image, and you’re actually in attack mode.

Hillary Clinton responded by having an intern find a copy of MS Paint.

Hmmm, maybe the iPad does need a stylus…

And Bush’s response was the killing blow.

hillary clinton 2016 campaign logo

Give the man (social media team) credit. Even if you’re a Hillary fan, you may as well laugh about it.

We still have over a year of this nonsense to go.

Image Credits: Wikipedia / Gage Skidmore

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