Update: Here are the 2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari concepts.

Something for everyone at 2016’s Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Seven concepts will be unveiled at the event running from March 19 to March 27.

2016 is a milestone for Jeep. The automaker is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Easter Jeep Safari. Add in the 75th anniversary of Jeep itself, and it’s a party.

The event is open to the public, but you have to register in advance here. The organizers ditched the paper registration forms and have gone completely digital this year and moving forward.

2016 Jeep Concepts

In conjunction with Mopar, Jeep is unveiling seven concepts for us to dream about. We already know a Jeep Wrangler pickup is on the way, but the concepts below are just that. Concepts. Don’t expect to see them on production lines anytime soon.

Though, Mopar parts you see could make their way to production vehicles in the future. That you can count on.

Jeep Crew Chief 715

My favorite concept? The Jeep Crew Chief 715. Damn. I know it’s a concept, but don’t be spiteful and make something this badass and say we can’t buy it. The styling borrows heavily from the Wrangler Unlimited and fuses classic design elements.

Tough terrain? It laughs at tough terrain thanks to a 4-inch lift kit, Fox shocks, off-road rock rails, 20-inch wheels and 40-inch tires. Storage? A five-foot cargo bed handles all the gear you need for the off-road adventure.

Jeep stayed true to their military heritage throughout the design. Inside the theme is completed with aircraft-inspired switches, a giant compass on the dash. Oh, and leather bucket seats.

Who says you can’t Mad Max in comfort?

1960 Jeep FC 150

Concepts are glimpses of the future. Jeep wanted to celebrate the past with the 1960 Jeep FC 150. Based on the FC 150, which was based on the CJ-5, it’s a blast from the past.

Jeep FC 150 concept

The folks at Jeep replaced the original chassis with one from a 2005 Wrangler. The steel body is kept, along with the full-length bed. In a nod to the vintage crowd, the interior was updated with vinyl seat covers, a new headliner and a CB radio.

Jeep FC 150 Concept Easter Jeep Safari

Powering the beast is a 4.0L PowerTech inline six.

Well hell, now I want two of the concepts from the Easter Jeep Safari.

Jeep Trailcat

Ever dreamed of pulling the engine from a Charger SRT Hellcat and dropping it in a Wrangler? Dream no more. Meet the Trailcat.

Jeep trailcat

707 horsepower in a Jeep Wrangler. Why? Why the hell not?

How did Jeep manage to fit the 6.2L Hemi V8 in the engine bay? The automaker had to lengthen the vehicle by an entire foot to get it in there. A six-speed manual transmission is mated to the engine along with 39.5-inch tires and 17-inch beadlock wheels.

Jeep Trailcat at Easter Jeep Safari

Fox shocks, Dana axles and a lowered windshield complete the exterior look. Inside, it ‘borrowed’ seats from a Dodge Viper.

Perfect for speed runs to the grocery store.

Jeep Renegade Commander

The stealthiest of the concepts. One look and you’re thinking it’s a Jeep Renegade. Surprisingly practical looking. It makes you wonder if Jeep is testing reaction on a new Renegade variant.

It is the current variant loaded with Mopar parts – rock sliders, exhaust trailer hitch and extra lights.

Jeep Renegade Commander

One of the coolest features is the hood graphic. It’s a representation of the seven-mile Moab rim.

It doesn’t throw a Hellcat engine into a wrangler or look like a tank. Practicality in a sea of creations from the mad scientists at Jeep.

Jeep Shortcut

The throwback to the CJ-5. Shorter wheelbase and body hugging bumpers. It is designed to tackle trails wider off-road vehicles cannot get through. Nothing crazy on the engine specs or wild interiors.

Jeep Shortcut

A Jeep Shortcut makes you wish for a day when you could order up a custom Jeep and have it delivered right from the factory. Then again, we do have near limitless options in the aftermarket.

Jeep Comanche

Another case of a practical Jeep concept showing up at the Jeep Safari. Instead of a Wrangler pickup, we are getting a look at what a Jeep Renegade would look like as a pickup.

Jeep Comanche

Some might call it wild, but Mopar and Jeep kept things relatively grounded with the Comanche concept. It won’t ever see the light of day past the one-off build, but it’s an interesting look at what a Renegade would look like with a cargo bed.

Jeep Trailstorm

Imagine someone locked you in a Mopar catalog and said you can have anything. That’s the Jeep Trailstorm. A Wrangler with damn near everything you could want in an off-road beast.

Jeep trailstorm easter jeep safari

A two-inch lift kit gets things started. Dana 44 axles, Fox shocks, a bedlined interior, rock rails and a winch. You can create the Jeep Trailstorm if you have the cash today. Everything is right out of the catalog.

The camouflage paint job? That part is custom, but an owner could find someone with enough talent.

Jeep trailstorm

It’s not so much a concept as it is a beautiful rolling billboard. It won’t have the wow factor of the Jeep Crew Chief or the raw power of the Trailcat, but at least you can buy this one.

Easter Jeep Safari

Get your Jeep ready and head out to Moab. Nine days of trail rides departing from the Moab area. The organizers are there to point you in the right direction. Participants are expected to come prepared with their own food, water and other essentials.

The nine-day event culminates on ‘Big Saturday’ when 30 groups line up and tackle Moab in every direction on thirty trails. Costs hit $50 per vehicle/day.

Not interested in running the trials. The Thursday and Friday of the Jeep Safari feature vendor days open to the public. It’s here where you can see the concepts and other Jeeps created by custom shops from around the country.

The vendor shows are free and are held both inside and outside the Spanish Trail Arena south of Moab on Highway 91.

If you are in the area, be sure to check out the registration page for more information on both trail riding and the vendor shows.

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