And you thought banging your knee into your current desk hurt like hell. How about a vintage Jeep hood repurposed into a desk? The cool factor takes the sting out of it.

The desk is exactly what it sounds like. An old Jeep Wrangler hood converted into an office desk. It will only look good in certain lofts that heavily skew towards exposed brick and other design features. Your suburban McMansion office with a rusted hood as a desk? Good luck convincing your partner.

We can thank Cannet Furniture for the concept and the high asking price of $2200. It’s not cheap, but it does have functioning headlights. That feature sold me too. Throw on the high beams when closing a deal. Or playing Xbox. Be real, you’re goofing off while you’re supposed to be working.

It happens to the best of us. Not our fault someone created Youtube.

Jeep Desk With Headlights

Those who need storage options probably need to invest in some shelving. Two small drawers are all you get. It’s the tradeoff for having an instant conversation starter. Or one intimidating HR desk. Toss on the headlights for performance reviews.

It’s not cheap, nor will it fit most office decors. But for a Jeep fan stuck in the office, it’s the desk they always wanted.

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