It’s that time of the year again. Easter is right around the corner and with it comes the annual Jeep Easter Safari in Moab, Utah. The event is celebrating its 53rd birthday with a collection of Jeep concepts we all wish were in our local dealerships. Especially the 1968 M-175 resto-mod dubbed the Five-Quarter.

And if you thought Jeep wouldn’t center the majority of its concepts off the Jeep Gladiator, think again. The automaker knows the release is right around the corner and is marketing the hell out of the pickup version of the Jeep Wrangler.  

Jeep Five-Quarter

Easily my favorite out of the six, Jeep started with a 1968 M-175 and restored the hell out of it with an eye towards it being a Gladiator-based military vehicle. Nearly everything was touched with upgrades ranging from the chassis to storage capacity. The old leaf spring setup was ditched for a modern link/coil setup, and the old axles were stripped in favor of Dynatrac Pro-rock 60 in the front and 80 in the rear.

Obviously, the old 1968 engine needed an upgrade. The Five-Quarter enjoys 707 horsepower thanks to a 6.2-liter V8 from the Hellcat.

Jeep Wayout Concept

Consider this the more plausible of the concepts. The Jeep Wayout showcases the over-bed rack and tent setup. It makes sense considering the amount of camping gear Ford is preparing for the upcoming Ford Ranger. Jeep already has a secure foothold in the adventure lifestyle community and with Ford and Toyota eyeing an entrance, expect concepts like the Wayout to become a reality sooner rather than later.

Jeep J6 & JT Scrambler Concept

The two vintage styled concepts for the Easter Jeep Safari include the Gladiator-inspired J6 and JT Scrambler. Jeep’s J6 concept is the answer to the question of what a 70s-era Jeep would look like with modern Mopar parts. The two-door concept includes a removable hard top, a two-and-a-quarter-inch steel roll bar, 37-inch tires, and 17-inch beadlock wheels.

Moving into the 80s is the JT Scrambler concept borrowing heavily from the CJ8 thanks to the ‘Punk’N Metallic Orange and Nacho body-side stripes.’ The 2.8L V6 powered Jeep gets additional Mopar parts along with a two-inch lift kit with 37-inch tires and 17-inch wheels.

Jeep Flatbill Concept

Need something more modern? Jeep’s Flatbill concept comes with a pair of dirt bikes and neon motocross-inspired graphics. It’s definitely on the louder side of the concepts thanks to the neon green color choice.

Gladiator Gravity

Keeping with the loud paint schemes, the last Jeep concept is dubbed the Gladiator Gravity. Designed with rock climbers in mind, the Gravity is adorned with Mopar accessories you can order today. Ok, maybe something a little more sedate than bright orange, but you can easily order the Mopar cross rails across the bed, cargo carrier baskets, and a Mopar/Decked collaboration for the bed organizer.

My favorite? The Five-Quarter. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. The rest you can essentially build out yourself with Mopar and a blind walk through a color palette catalog.

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