Jetpack Aviation doesn’t want the dream to fade away. Strapping on a jetpack and soaring to… Well, somewhere…

It’s the idea of having a jetpack that’s awesome. Practicality? I’ve seen Atlanta during rush hour. The idea of those drivers having jetpacks is a hard sell.

Where Are Our Jetpacks?

It has been over 100 years in the making. People have tried and failed to strap a rocket on your back and let you fly around. Probably because it’s a rocket on your back and none of us can fly that well.

Bell rocketbelt

Through history, we’ve seen many attempts at the jetpack. In the 1960s, Bell’s Rocketbelt made its debut. If you’re old enough or love history, the Rocketbelt design was made famous in the 1984 Olympics opening ceremony in Los Angeles.

It hit some of the right notes. The hydrogen peroxide belts were compact enough to look the jetpack part. They flew as we all envisioned. And they looked badass. Instant want.

What was the catch? The Rocketbelt was difficult to control, and the fuel was expensive. It also burned through a tank like an angry first-generation Hummer. Owners had about 30 seconds of flight time. Not nearly enough to get you to the store and back.

That’s a no go on the Rocketbelt, Houston.

Next was the Martin Jetpack. I’m glad they didn’t use the belt moniker. It has the portability of a small car. It did solve the endurance issue by giving you 30 minutes of flight time and has several safety systems built in. The personal version should be available in 2017 for around $150,000.

Marlin Jetpack

Where’s the happy middle?

Jetpack Aviation

Can you get the compactness of the Rocketbelt and the endurance of the Martin in one package? That’s the goal of the company with the JB-9.

I want one. Need more jetpack greatness?

How can you not love Jetpack Aviation? I’m not a fan of heights, but sign me up for this.

Jetpack JB-9

The JB-9 will lead to what the company hopes will be the commercial JB-10. The performance specs on the jetpack are absurd.

A max altitude is set at 10,000 feet. No offense, I don’t give a damn how many ballistic parachutes are onboard, there’s no way my feet are dangling from a backpack with an engine that high. Pfizer doesn’t make Xanax strong enough.

Speed clocks in at 100mph+ and the endurance target is for over ten minutes. Plenty of time to cruise around the neighborhood. Let those science fiction dreams become a reality.

Powering the JB-9 are twin turbojet engines. It doesn’t sip gas, either. It burns 4 liters per minute from the 38-liter fuel tank. Hitting 10,000 feet, you better be damn sure the tank is topped off.

Jetpack Reality

Time to rain on the parade a bit. The company isn’t releasing pricing or release date details. All the news coming out of the company is ‘soon’ on a release date schedule.

As for the price? It won’t be cheap. The Martin will retail for $150,000. The JB-10? Expect it in the neighborhood of a luxury car price tag.

What do you think? Can you see yourself flying around the yard in one of these? My dogs would be horrified the second I turned it on.

Pick a spot you would want to jetpack around first. Me? Once I knew the controls, I’d want to weave through a canyon for the hell of it.

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