Feeling a little zombie-ish since Sunday morning? It’s our biannual ritual to screw up our sleep patterns and general daily activities for a week. John Oliver asks what everyone was thinking Sunday morning: How is this still a thing?

Ok, my question was a bit more expletive-laden, but that’s everyone. Especially this morning. Everything from glancing at the microwave and having a brief, but fleeting moment of happiness that it was still early to enjoying the fact it doesn’t get dark at 5pm.

So, just where the hell does daylight savings time come from? Most people think it was for the farmers. More time to harvest or plant. Something like that. And we would all be wrong. Cows aren’t checking their iPhones for the time.

No, the system was developed by the Germans in World War I to save on fuel. Of course, that was back in the early 1900s. Energy consumption has progressed a bit. We aren’t flying biplanes around or doing Napoleonic-style charges into machine gun fire. Instead, we do those charges for the latest iPhone model.

In fact, whatever we used to save early last century has been lost. The Atlantic ran a piece, ‘Time to Kill Daylight Savings,’ which put the whole notion in perspective. “The resulting loss in productivity costs the economy an estimated $434 million a year.”

So farmers don’t want it, cows don’t give a shit and we aren’t fighting a war. How is this still a thing? Thank god there’s YouTube for changing microwave clocks.

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John Oliver hasn’t just skewered Daylight Savings in his ‘How is this still a thing?’ videos. He’s gone after Columbus Day, because he didn’t actually discover the United States. Plus, how can you discover something with people already there? Toss in a bit of genocide, and the Post Office is closed when you need it.

Republicans should earmuff up when he takes on Ayn Rand. She was pro-choice and didn’t like Reagan. Yes, time to read Atlas Shrugged in a whole new light.


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