Ready to see how far down the rabbit hole we go? Laurence Fishburne was spotted on the set of John Wick 2 in Brooklyn. Morpheus and Neo back together? Give me the red pill and let’s do this.

For now, the news is pure rumor. John Wick 2’s IMDB page does not list Laurence Fishburne as a cast member, but IMDB isn’t exactly the gospel when it comes to casting news.

The snaps captured from the Gothamist show off the filming on a rooftop in DUMBO, a neighborhood of Brooklyn. Keanu Reeves is looking a little worse for wear, but John Wick is known to take a beating. Just cause he’s a badass doesn’t mean the Russians can’t land a couple lucky hits on him.

Laurence Fishburne and John Wick 2

Zero to go on except the pictures, but we can have fun speculating. My guess? Fishburne is someone from Wick’s past. I still maintain John is former military. The tattoos shown near the start of the first film are extremely close to the motto of a Marine Corps unit stationed in Hawaii.

Laurence Fishburne on the set of John Wick 2

Image Credit: Jessica Leibowitz / Gothamist

Fishburne could be someone from that past. An old commander? Possibly a CIA handler before Wick went all hitman for the Russians? It doesn’t matter. Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves paired up again is all I need. Just don’t make him the villain. Let them be buddies. Morpheus owes him. [divider]Matrix Reunion[/divider] John Wick 2 is starting to take on the feel of a Matrix reunion. The director, Chad Stahelski, was Keanu’s stunt double on The Matrix. The guy is moving up in the world, and the chief reason John Wick was successful.

You know I can’t resist showing one of the better stunt choreographed scenes in an action movie.

Hell yes. Is John Wick the best movie ever? Nah, but it knows what it is and embraces it. It’s a popcorn movie and more believable than Taken will ever be. Love Liam Neeson, but those sequels? No. Just no.

Here’s hoping the relationship between Reeves and Stahelski gives us a worthy sequel. Don’t fall into the Taken trap. Move the story forward, but please give us a flashback to whatever job Wick had to pull off to get out of the hitman business.

Oh, and badass cars. Who else can pull off looking like a boss in a suit stepping out of a Chevelle?

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