Our new King of the North. Jon Snow had a hell of a season six and judging by the two released trailers ahead of Game of Thrones season seven, our favorite bastard (perhaps not) is in for another rough season. Let’s catch you up on season six and get you ready for season seven. No spoilers here, just theories on what we’d like to see.

When the season premieres on July 16, we will keep a running update of this post. Keep it bookmarked.

Let’s do a quick recap of season six for Jon before diving into the trailers for season seven.

Jon Snow Lives

Who honestly believed Lord Snow was dead at the end of season five? Come on HBO. You can trot out all the actors you want saying he’s dead, but when the show beats us over the head showing Melisandre at Castle Black, we knew what was coming. Resurrection time. And he’s more than a bit pissed at being betrayed by his Brothers of the Night Watch.

It took Melisandre a few tries, but she got Lord Snow back on his feet and out of his oath. Pretty sure the Night’s Watch left resurrection by a Lord of the Light priestess out of the fine print. He died, so he’s free to kick some ass.


That involves getting rid of the traitors within the Night’s Watch including Ser Alliser Thorne and Olly. It is one of the more impactful scenes for Snow in season six that didn’t include a battle. You can see Jon’s anguish at being betrayed by Olly, though Olly’s look of hatred tells the tale of a kid who saw his family murdered by the Wildlings.

Battle of the Bastards

If you love epic battle sequences, it’s hard to top the Battle of Winterfell between the forces of Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow. It’s such an impressive episode, HBO released a ‘Making Of’ for the scene. You can definitely tell where the budget for season six went:

The battle culminates with the Starks retaking Winterfell and Ramsay thankfully meeting his end. If you haven’t watched this episode, it’s a must. Amazing cinematography and the battle rivals Hardhome. That may still be my favorite, but only because it heavily featured the White Walkers.

Sansa and Jon’s Reunion

Earlier in the season, Sansa and Jon finally reunited at Castle Black and while the scene is emotional, the best part is the beginning when Brienne catches Tormund’s eye. The reaction on his face is priceless as is Brienne’s disgust.

Both Sansa and Jon have had a rough time. Sansa being used as a pawn by the Lannisters and Littlefinger and Jon heading north of the wall, infiltrating the wildlings, scaling the wall, becoming Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, killing a White Walker, getting killed and then resurrected. The Starks have not had a good go of late.

Lady Mormont Crowns Him

Season six for Jon is capped by Lyanna Mormont’s speech imploring the families of the north to rally behind Jon. It has the now famous moment of the all the leaders proclaiming him ‘King of the North’ while Sansa looks on approving. Littlefinger? Not so much.

Jon Snow in Season Seven

Now that we’ve done the quick recap of Snow’s important moments in season six, it’s time to get ready for season seven.

Where is Jon Snow? Winterfell. It’s where we saw him last as he took the position of King of the North.

While there are plenty of spoilers floating around the internet, we are sticking with the two trailers released by HBO. I made the mistake of reading spoilers before, and it ruins the impact of the show or movie.

Here are the two official trailers for Game of Thrones season seven:

Heading North of the Wall

Watching both trailers, we can build a bit of a timeline for Jon Snow. In the first trailer, we catch a glimpse of him at Winterfell before the major families of the North. It makes me wonder if this is how the first episode kicks off because we see Littlefinger in the frame and it looks like this council occurs shortly after he’s proclaimed King.

jon snow as king of the north

Speaking of Littlefinger, it seems him and Jon have an issue with each other in the crypts of Winterfell. Could it be the treatment of Sansa, or does someone other than Bran know who Jon’s parents really are? He always said he had spies everywhere in the land. For a guy without a known family; he wields an extraordinary amount of power.

jon snow vs littlefinger

Both trailers show Jon and his closest allies heading back north of the Wall. We see multiple shots of them battling the White Walkers their army.

jon snow battles white walker army jon and tormund running

Check out that wall of fire. We know Beric Dondarrion is with Snow during this battle and his sword lights up in flames. But, that’s a little too much fire and the White Walker army is shying away from Jon. We know of one thing that scares the hell out of them. Dragons. Could we see one of three dragons north of wall rescuing Jon and his small team?

Alliance with Daenerys?

And that leads to the last pieces of the trailer featuring Jon Snow (or perhaps another last name by this point). He heads to Dragonstone with Ser Davos to meet with Daenerys.

Now, the second trailer has Jon doing a voiceover at this point speaking on how their families have fought side-by-side, but that’s a bit of a red herring. The Stark army played a major role in overthrowing the last Targaryen king. That’s not exactly working together. Still, we know who Jon’s father is and it damn sure wasn’t Ned Stark. The books have long talked of three dragon riders. We know Daenerys is one. Jon would make the second, and we’ll cover the third rider in a separate post.

What remains to be seen is can Jon convince Daenerys the real threat isn’t Cersei and retaking the Iron Throne, but the impending invasion of the White Walkers. Winter is here, and while the Game of Thrones is still afoot, there’s a bigger problem than who gets to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Sound off in the comments on what you think season seven has in store for Jon.

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