If you’ve been watching the Ebola coverage, and it’s hard to avoid, you have seen a few states implement a mandatory quarantine. With anything government related, it’s implementation makes you question the competency of our elected officials.

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took Chris Christie to task over his announcement of releasing the nurse from quarantine. Was there an apology? Hell no, it’s Chris Christie. Stewart wondered exactly what I was thinking when I saw Christie’s statement to the press. “Why does Christie have to be such a dick about everything?”

After making fun of New York’s handling of its Ebola patient, Stewart turned to the real goal of politicians regarding the outbreak. Using a filter right out of ‘The Twilight Zone’, he pointed to the real virus spreading. Fear. If there’s one thing American media and politicians know how to do, it’s fear monger. You’d think we were about 2 steps away from World War Z.

If that’s the case, all we have to do is look to the 10th man of Israel. If they are building a big ass wall, let’s start to worry. Also, Brad Pitt? Turn off your damn phone. They can hear that.

Check out the video below.

The Daily Show
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