Haven’t you always wanted to watch a livestream of your oven from the couch? Come on. Admit your couch potato ways. Not only is there an app for that, there’s a damn oven.

Enter June, the smart oven designed by chefs, engineers and product designers. The slate of talent is impressive. Resumes are filled with ex-Apple, GoPro and Google employees.

What does June do? Well, it cooks food. It’s an oven. If you’re expecting a life-altering feature, you’re going to be upset. It’s on you to not completely botch dinner.

No, in our quest to make our homes smarter, June is a possible answer for the countertop oven. It’s all about touchscreens, temperature monitoring and the companion smartphone app. That push notification you’re ignoring? Yeah, the lasagna is scorched.

June Oven Features

My favorite is the video monitoring. It gets old always checking to see if whatever I’m baking is getting close. A full HD camera is integrated inside the oven and streams to your phone, and can ID the food you’re cooking.

The Food ID feature is cool. Say you’re cooking a steak. The oven will recognize it and offer up suggestions on how to cook it. The onboard temperature probe sends real-time alerts to your phone to get your perfect steak.

For me? It has to be well. Sorry, if it looks like the steak is still possibly mooing, I just can’t. It’s one of those visual eating blocks.

In addition to the camera, June comes with a touchscreen. A 5-inch multi-touch screen on the front and designed with user experience in mind. All of it is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra K1. Curious about the specs? It has a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, 192 CUDA GPU cores and 2GB of RAM. An oven has more RAM than my iPhone.

Who knew heating up leftover pizza needed that kind of power?

june smart oven features

Being a smart oven, it has WiFi connectivity and over-the-air updates. The app includes the ability to try recipes from world-renowned chefs or create your own. You can even plan out your meals with its calendar tie-in.

Another nice touch is the top serves as a digital scale. Yep, what you thought was one portion is actually American-sized.

June is Smart But Can it Cook?

Ok, so lots of tech features for us to geek out over. I don’t even need a new oven, yet I want one. Damn you product designers…

June has one cubic foot cooking area. Steaks, roasts and a 12-inch pizza will fit. Be reasonable on what you’re tossing in.

Thermodynamics are impressive for a countertop oven. Preheat to 350 degrees in just over 4 minutes. It’s heating elements ramp to full power in under five seconds. Ok, maybe I do need a new oven. Mine is more of a leisurely stroll to 350 degrees.

June Smart Oven Cost

It looks good, has tons of features you may or may not use and it cooks. What’s the price? With it shipping in Spring 2016, the company is offering early-bird pricing of $1,495.

The MSRP is $2,995 according to the reserve page, but that strikes me as marketing. June wants to stack as many orders as possible by July 10.

What do you think? Is June compelling enough to earn a spot on your kitchen counter? It will be tough to hold myself back from buying the shiny new object, but here’s to trying.

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