Love Jurassic World? Motorcycles? The bike Chris Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, rode? Some damn good news if you have some cash lying around in the next five days. Triumph Motorcycles is partnering with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to auction the Jurassic World Scrambler motorcycle off on eBay.

In total, three Triumph Scramblers were built specifically for the movie. One is owned by Chris Pratt, a gift after filming wrapped, another at Triumph HQ in the UK and this one up for auction.

Ok, it has the rarity. It has the cinematic collector’s street cred of being a part of the third-highest grossing movie in history. Toss in the fact it’s a badass motorcycle and you can see the appeal.

For spec junkies, the Scrambler features a twin cylinder 865cc engine. The customizations made for the movie include a single seat, rack, custom footpegs, handlebars and an Arrow Racing exhaust.

jurassic world scrambler

What you saw in the movie is exactly what the winning bidder will receive. If I had the money, I would be torn. Do you ride it around a few times or do you display it? I’d have to ride it around. It’s too badass to leave just sitting there.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Triumph Motorcycles selected the group as the fundraising partner for the auction. The group sponsors an annual motorcycle event in cities around the world to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research.

Last year, the group raised $2 million worldwide and is hoping to crack $3 million this year. It’s hard to get better press than auctioning off what already is a piece of cinematic history.

The next ride is set for the last Sunday of September.

Triumph Scrambler

For those of us not winning the auction, Triumph does offer the Scrambler model. Granted, it doesn’t offer the color scheme or the bespoke detailing the Jurassic World bikes had, but you could piece it together.

Pricing starts at $9,399 for a 2015. Will you look as cool as Chris Pratt? Hey, it’s all about how you feel on the inside. It looks awesome, making you look awesome. Good luck convincing your spouse on the purchase. Protip? It has fantastic gas mileage.

Just make sure you hit The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride each year if you throw down the cash. You have to support the cause if you’re going to have the motorcycle.

The winner of the Jurassic World auction? You’ll get a certificate of authenticity, and the proceeds from the auction will go to the group.

Sorry, dinosaurs not included.


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