Tired of holding a Kindle to your head to make a call? You may be in the minority when it comes to dislike for the bigger iPhone models, but according to Zacks, that minority still represents a sizable market. To the tune of 10 million. Yeah, a million here, a million there, and soon you are talking about real numbers.

The rumor is Apple will drop the iPhone 6 specs into the old 4-inch model. I actually have the iPhone 6 Plus and found an old iPhone 4 the other day. Those models were tiny. Maybe I’m just used to my phablet, but damn.

The iPhone Mini (please change the name) would also hit a sweet spot for consumers who are scared off by the price point and relative size. Right now, Apple offers the older iPhone 5s ($99 on contract) and 5c ($0 on contract) to consumers looking for a deal.

An iPhone 6 Mini would be able to retain the specs of the current generation, but still drop the price and have a smaller form factor. This would grab consumers who don’t want to sacrifice functionality.

If this phone happens, it would be a departure for Apple. The company has never offered three distinct handsets in a product generation. Then again, Apple is not going to leave up to 10 million customers on the table. Apple shares are a Wall Street darling once again, and the company is set to enter a variety of verticals in 2015.

Any announcements on handsets will be near summer, as Apple is not going to want to step on its entry into wearables in the first half of the year. It is a risky venture into smart watches, and the company will want the focus to remain on that instead of muddying the picture with new iPhones.

What do you think? Should there be an iPhone 6 Mini, and what should they call it?

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