The latest Just Cause title from Avalanche Studios is looking awesome. Check some of my favorite screenshots released today below. Head on over to Gematsu for the full set.

First, here’s a few tidbits about Just Cause 3 if you haven’t been keeping tabs on it. Rico is back, and graced the cover of November’s Game Informer using his trusty grappling hook as helicopters and planes try to take him out.


Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Avalanche Studios, Christofer Sundberg, took some time recently to clear up a few rumors going around about Just Cause 3. Early screenshots suggested the title was going to be free-to-play with a heavy emphasis on in-game micro transactions.



Sundberg said that build of the game was extremely early concept of Just Cause 3 and is not the direction Avalanche Studios is headed. “To be perfectly clear: Just Cause 3 will be available in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It will be distributed as a retail box and digital download. It is not a Free To Play game. It does not feature in-game micro transactions,” Sundberg wrote in a post last month.

I’m pumped for a new Just Cause, but I’m also a bit bummed out. Just Cause 3 won’t ship with multiplayer at launch. Avalanche Studios hasn’t ruled out a potential multiplayer mode later, but it won’t be at launch.



Tell me what you think of the images above. Also, does the lack of multiplayer mean much to you? If it doesn’t, check out the video below.

How do you feel about Just Cause multiplayer now?


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