Just Cause 3 – The Technical Side of Blowing S**t Up

Just Cause 3 engine
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There are open-world games, and then there is Just Cause. The Witcher might do story better. Fallout might do world-building better. But nothing blows shit up quite like Just Cause 3.

Today, Avalanche Studios is giving us a glimpse at the engine that makes the sheer insanity of Just Cause possible.

Game Director Roland Lesterlin gets it.

“One of the more frustrating moments in games is you have this awesome idea in your head, and you just hit the button and you said ‘the awesome idea should happen right there,’” says Lesterlin. “But the game is in the middle of an animation, or it’s decided that you should be doing something else. So we spent a lot of time, a lot of technology to try to get that feeling where no matter what button you pressed it would respond in the way you thought it should respond.”

The developers love showing how you can destroy this massive bridge in Just Cause 3.

That’s the latest iteration of Havok destruction at work. And it looks awesome.

Sorry Fallout 4, but I’ll be taking a break when Just Cause 3 hits next Tuesday.

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