Several new features have been added to Uber to make the riding experience better for both you and your driver.

The first feature is destination entry for the rider app. Instead of telling the driver where to take you, you can plug-in your destination and the driver will know where to go right as they pick you up.

For drivers, turn-by-turn navigation will make getting customers to their location even quicker. “There’s no need to juggle multiple apps or waste time typing in an address,” according to Uber.

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“Together, these features provide a seamless end-to-end ride experience that saves otherwise wasted time for both riders and drivers,” writes Uber in a blog post.

These new features are part of Uber’s vision for its service. “We envision a day when there is no coordination necessary to take an Uber ride. Simply push the button, and the rest is essentially on cruise control: the car quickly shows up at exactly the right place and whisks you away to your destination via the best possible route.”

The two new features are live according to Uber.

Images: Uber


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