It turns out Vanity Fair wrapped a Colombian boa around Jennifer Lawrence. It took the caption for me to notice. Cheeky caption too – Girl Meets Boa: #JenniferLawrence, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair. Pick up the March 2015 issue for the full Spotlight.

High-fives all around for that caption. Something about hollywood starlets and animals. Hey, it’s gorgeous. But me and snakes? Nah. I dont care who says it’s not deadly. I take the Colbert line he uses on bears. They are godless killing machines.

Vanity Fair did note Lawrence became uncomfortable when the boa took a liking to her neck. You think? Big ass snake wants to squeeze you to death.

I will be honest. I prefer to see her wearing this than a ridiculous Discovery Channel show about an idiot trying to swallowed by a snake. It’s a tough choice. Jennifer Lawrence wearing nothing, or guy not getting eaten by a snake. Decisions, man.

The image is in the latest issue, but I think we have seen the best part.


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