Universal Music Enterprises teamed up with DTS to bring Soundgarden’s Superunknown album to mobile devices in 11.1 surround sound last month. If you bought the “20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition” of the re-release you get the whole album on the app as well. Didn’t buy it? You can still get a taste of what the DTS’ tech sounds like.

Before I dive in on my review of the app, let’s take a quick look at DTS’ tech. The company’s tech promises to give sound more depth and give you the feeling of sitting around a surround setup versus traditional earbud/headphone sound.

What’s Awesome

DTS Tech. Even with stock iPhone headphones, DTS headphone tech makes a huge difference. On first listen, you can instantly hear the difference. Toggle off DTS by tapping on the album cover and the difference is night and day. Sound is much fuller and feels like it surrounds you versus DTS off. I tried the app with stock iPhone earbuds and a pair of headphones. Both sounded great.

It’s Soundgarden. Superunknown is the first Rock album to get an app using DTS’ tech and Soundgarden fans are in for a treat. Fan favorites Spoonman and Black Hole Sun sound great, especially on regular iPhone earbuds.

Shaking My Head

UI. The UI’s serviceable, but lots of music apps such as the newly redesigned Spotify look better. I would like to see the UI design tightened up a bit. As I said, it’s ok. Not a deal breaker by any means.

Who’s this for?

Well, obviously Soundgarden fans. Also, if you’re a tech junkie looking to try out some new technology it’s worth a go. Maybe you can skip on buying those $300 beats earbuds for now.

If DTS tightens up the UI of its app, then it’s a winner. I found myself toggling the system on and off multiple times. It’s definitely something to show to your audiophile friends and Soundgarden fans. Spoonman is and always will be a fan favorite.

The app is available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and Amazon’s App Store. Head over here to download it to your specific device.

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